Favorite 80s Movies – Round One

Today we begin a megabracket! 256 movies made in the 1980s!

The seeding of this bracket is roughly based on the ranked list I created from 36 online “Best Movies of the 1980s” lists. https://pfunpfacts.com/best-80s-movies-ranked/ Then tweaked a little to try to keep favorites from matching up right away.

Vote for which movie is your favorite, for whatever reason you like it.

If you want to look up any of these movies, I highly recommend the Internet Movie Database (IMDb): https://www.imdb.com/  You can even copy/paste the title.

WARNING: These first couple rounds are really big and take more time than usual. If you don’t have time to vote on all of them in one sitting, you can vote on part of them, then click Next, Next, and Submit. Then come back later and use Next, Next to get to where you left off. If you do part now and part later, just try not to overlap and vote for anything twice.

Vote now in Round One!

The deadline is Tuesday evening, February 28.

Click to view the original empty bracket or use the PDF below