Favorite 80s Movies – Round Three

Round Three of our Favorite 80s Movies MEGAbracket is now the size of a regular bracket. 64 movies remain.

In the second round, the majority of the matchups were won by large margins, like 70% to 30%, but we did have a few close ones:

  • UHF beat Flight of the Navigator by 1 vote
  • Aliens beat Field of Dreams by 2 votes
  • Footloose beat Good Morning Vietnam by 3 votes
  • Pretty in Pink beat The Fox and the Hound by 3 votes
  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles beat Back to the Future Part II by 3 votes
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids beat Caddyshack by 5 votes
  • Dead Poets Society beat The Little Mermaid by 5 votes

Vote now in Round Three!

The deadline is Sunday evening, March 5.

Click to view the results from the first 2 rounds or use the PDF below