Favorite Beatles Songs – Round One

Our next topic is Favorite Beatles Songs and I’ve created a double-bracket with 128 songs. Each one has a link to the official Beatles channel on YouTube with a recording of the song if you need it to refresh your memory or even hear it for the first time.

I used six different lists I found online that ranked Beatles songs from best to worst, including the most-streamed songs, brought them all into Excel and averaged them to get a consolidated ranked list. There were some songs that didn’t make it, since the Beatles wrote and recorded over 200 songs (but not enough for 256 and a mega-bracket). From my ranked list of 128 songs, the top four went into the #1 seed in the four divisions, the next four into the #2 seeds, etc.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Sunday evening, March 7.

Click to view the original bracket or use the link below for the PDF version