Favorite Carnival Games – FINAL RESULTS

The winner of Favorite Carnival Game is: SKEE-BALL!!

Thanks to everyone who voted. Below is a ranked list of your favorites based on our bracket and your voting, followed by the complete bracket in JPG and PDF with all the voting numbers.

  1. Skee-Ball
  2. Balloon Dart Throw
  3. Ring the Bell
  4. Water Gun Race
  5. Whack-a-Mole
  6. Knock Over Milk Bottles
  7. Ring a Duck
  8. Ring Toss
  9. Shooting Gallery
  10. Roll-a-Ball Horse Derby
  11. Ball Roll Down
  12. Shoot Out the Star
  13. Cat Rack
  14. Fish Bowl Toss
  15. Frog Bog
  16. Star Dart
  17. Color Wheel
  18. Basketball Shoot
  19. Football Toss
  20. Wire Loop Game
Click to see all the voting numbers or use the PDF below