Favorite Christmas Movies – Round One

Today we begin a double bracket of our Favorite Christmas Movies! These are movies that either have a Christmas theme or have come to be associated with Christmas.

As I looked through many online lists of “Best Christmas Movies” to come up with this bracket, they all had shorts and full-length movies mixed together, so that’s what we’re doing too. I actually found 38 different lists online of Best Christmas Movies of all time, so I brought them all into Excel and averaged them to get a master list. You can see the Top 200 list here: http://pfunpfacts.com/best-christmas-movies-of-all-time/

I used this master list I created both as the source for including movies and for seeding them in the brackets. The top four took the four #1 seeds, etc. I also included IMDb links so if you don’t know or remember a movie, you can click it to see a synopsis, photos, even the trailers.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Tuesday evening, December 8.

Click the image to view the original brackets, or use the link below to get the PDF version