Favorite Comfort Foods – Round Two

The most common word I’ve heard used for Round One is “Brutal.” No matter how we match these up, comfort foods will always be a tough comparison. So many great comforting foods and so difficult to decide. We had a good turnout, almost 100 people, so that was nice. It would be interesting to compare the average calories per serving to see if the winners tend to be higher in calories.

Interestingly, the foods that had apples or seafood or popcorn or beef lost in the first round, unless they were matched up with another (like Tuna Melt vs Tuna Salad Sandwich), except for Sloppy Joes and Beef Tacos.

Some of the contests were quite close:

  • Tater Tot Casserole beat Shepherd’s Pie by 1 vote!
  • Pierogi beat Wontons by 1 vote!
  • Strawberry Shortcake beat Apple Pie by 1 vote!
  • Churros beat Pecan Pie by 1 vote!
  • Snickerdoodles beat Red Velvet Cake by 1 vote!
  • Broccoli Cheese Soup beat Tomato Soup by 2 votes
  • Beef Stew beat BBQ Ribs by 3 votes
  • Banana Bread beat Corn Bread by 3 votes
  • Egg Rolls beat Onion Rings by 5 votes

The biggest winners had some huge margins of victory, though.

  • Fried Chicken beat Scrapple 93% to 7%
  • Pizza beat Cabbage Rolls 93% to 7%
  • Brownie beat Rice Pudding 93% to 7%
  • Pancakes beat Toast 86% to 14%
  • Fresh-Baked Bread beat Caramel Corn 82% to 18%
  • Mashed Potatoes beat Cheese Grits 82% to 18%

Vote now in Round Two! The deadline is Thursday night, May 14.

You can always see the cumulative results by clicking the image below or downloading the PDF.

To view the results from Round One, click the link or use Download to get the PDF