Favorite Composers – FINAL RESULTS

The winner of our Favorite Composer is: Johann Sebastian Bach!

He beat Beethoven by 9 votes.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this megabracket! Below is a list of your ranked favorites based on the bracket and your voting, followed by the complete bracket in JPG and PDF with all the voting numbers.

  1. Johann Sebastian Bach
  2. Ludwig van Beethoven
  3. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  4. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  5. Claude Debussy
  6. Gustav Holst
  7. Antonio Vivaldi
  8. Sergei Prokofiev
  9. Johannes Brahms
  10. George Frideric Handel
  11. Aaron Copland
  12. Giuseppe Verdi
  13. Joseph Haydn
  14. Felix Mendelssohn
  15. Igor Stravinsky
  16. Béla Bartók
  17. Samuel Barber
  18. Sergei Rachmaninoff
  19. Richard Strauss
  20. Richard Wagner
  21. Stephen Sondheim
Click to see all the results or use the PDF below