Favorite Dangerous Australian Animals – FINAL RESULTS

The winner of Favorite Dangerous Australian Animal is: The Platypus!

Thanks to everyone who voted. Below is a list of the top favorites based on your voting, followed by the complete bracket with all the voting numbers.

  1. Platypus
  2. Tasmanian Devil
  3. Kangaroo
  4. Bare-Nosed Wombat
  5. Smooth Stingray
  6. Great White Shark
  7. Blue Spotted Ray
  8. Tiger Shark
  9. Dingo
  10. Spotted-Tailed Quoll
  11. Corroboree Frog
  12. Box Jellyfish
  13. Blue-Ringed Octopus
  14. Saltwater Crocodile
  15. Cane Toad
  16. Bluebottle Jellyfish
  17. Honey Bee
  18. Flying Fox
  19. Water Buffalo
  20. Perentie
Click to view all the voting numbers or use the PDF below