Favorite Disney Animated Movies – FINAL RESULTS

And the winner is: THE LION KING!

Thanks to everyone who voted. We had a very nice turnout throughout these brackets. Here are the top favorite Bmovies based on your votes, followed by the completed brackets with all the scores.

  1. The Lion King
  2. Beauty and the Beast
  3. Aladdin
  4. The Little Mermaid
  5. Moana
  6. Frozen
  7. Mulan
  8. Lady and the Tramp
  9. Fantasia
  10. Peter Pan
  11. Zootopia
  12. Bambi
  13. Robin Hood
  14. 101 Dalmatians
  15. Tangled
  16. Tarzan
  17. The Jungle Book
  18. The Rescuers
  19. Hercules
  20. The Fox and the Hound
Click to view all the scores from throughout the brackets, or use the Download button to get the PDF version