Favorite Fast Food Restaurants – Round One

Today we begin voting on our favorite Fast Food Restaurants.

There are many restaurants that have qualities of fast food, fast casual, and casual dining. For this bracket, we’re focusing on restaurants that generally have a drive-through and inside you order your food at a counter where they offer minimal table service.

We also are looking only at restaurants that offer meals. If they mainly serve coffee, pastries, or snacks, they won’t be included here.

Seeding of the bracket was based on the averaging of six different lists I found online that ranked Fast Food restaurants by popularity, sales, and voting.

Below is the original empty bracket in JPG and PDF formats. You’re welcome to print it and fill it out to guess how the bracket will turn out.

Vote now in Round One!

The deadline is Tuesday evening, March 1.

Click to view the original bracket or use the PDF below