Favorite Fast Food Restaurants – Round Three

Here we are in the third round already. Only 16 fast food restaurants left. Here are some of the surprises:

  • All the pizza restaurants are gone now.
  • Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s beat Domino’s Pizza by 2 votes
  • Steak ‘n Shake beat Taco Bell by 5 votes
  • Jimmy John’s beat Burger King by 8 votes
  • McDonald’s had 73% of the vote over Papa John’s Pizza
  • Culver’s had 80% of the vote over Boston Market
  • A&W had 61% of the vote over In-N-Out Burger (20 votes)

Vote now in Round Three!

The deadline is Sunday evening, March 6.

Click to view the results from the first 2 rounds or use the PDF below