Favorite Flowers – Round Two

Welcome to Round Two of our completely randomized Favorite Flowers brackets!

We had a couple very close races in Round One already:

  • Orchid beat Hibiscus by 1 vote!
  • Zinnia beat Anemone by 2 votes
  • Periwinkle beat Impatiens by 2 votes
  • Wisteria beat Amaryllis by 2 votes
  • Magnolia beat English Daisy by 5 votes
  • Pansy beat Honeysuckle by 5 votes

But there were also some huge wins!

  • Cherry Blossom beat Freesia 82% to 18%
  • Daylily beat Geranium 83% to 17%
  • Iris beat Castor Bean 86% to 14%

Vote now in Round Two! The deadline is Tuesday evening, Sept 15.

Click to view the results from Round One or use the Download button to get the PDF