Favorite Foods of the World – FINAL RESULTS

After beginning with 256 dishes from around the world, the winner is:


Here is a list of the top favorite dishes, based on our voting results:

  1. Pizza (US/Italy)
  2. Cheeseburger (US)
  3. Tacos (Mexico)
  4. Nachos (Mexico)
  5. Burritos (Mexico)
  6. Brownies (US)
  7. Barbecue (US)
  8. Beignets (France)
  9. Spring Rolls (China)
  10. Gyros (Greece)
  11. Quesadilla (Mexico)
  12. Kebabs (Middle East)
  13. Fried Chicken (US)
  14. Mac & Cheese (US)
  15. Potato Pancakes (Germany, Israel, and Eastern Europe)
  16. Ice Cream Sundae (US)
  17. Gelato (Italy)
  18. Pad Thai (Thailand)
  19. Crab Rangoon (USA)
  20. Quiche (France)

Thanks to everyone who participated. This was a huge bracket and I think it was quite a bit of fun going through the rounds and considering so many foods. The entire bracket results are posted below.

Click the image to view all the results of this bracket, or use the link below to get the PDF version