Favorite Fruits – Round One

Today we begin a new voting topic: Favorite Fruits! Strictly speaking, these are your favorite fruits, not favorite fruit flavors. For some people, that will make a difference.

The four divisions are:
1) Berries
2) Seeds & Pits
3) Tropical
4) Melon & Citrus
Fruits are ranked and placed within each division based on general popularity.

New rounds will begin every Monday and Thursday, as follows:

Round One: Monday 2/3 – Wednesday 2/5
Round Two: Thursday 2/6 – Sunday 2/9
Sweet Sixteen: Monday 2/10 – Wednesday 2/12
Elite Eight: Thursday 2/13 – Sunday 2/16
Final Four: Monday 2/17 – Wednesday 2/19
Championship: Thursday 2/20 – Sunday 2/23
Winner announced: Monday 2/24

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Wednesday night, February 5.

Click to view the original brackets or use Download to get the PDF