Favorite Funny Movies – Round Four

This round is where I think it starts to get really tough. More favorites up against each other at the same time! This last round had a couple upsets, at least from what I was expecting. Here are the closest ones:

  • Mr. Deeds beat Superbad by 2 votes
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding beat Deadpool by 3 votes
  • Home Alone beat The Big Lebowski by 4 votes
  • A Hard Day’s Night beat And Now for Something Completely Different by 4 votes
  • Monsters, Inc. beat Galaxy Quest by 5 votes
  • My Cousin Vinny beat Happy Gilmore by 5 votes
  • Airplane! beat A Christmas Story by 5 votes

The rest were pretty solid wins. Here are the biggest wins:

  • The Princess Bride over When Harry Met Sally 89% to 11%
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail over The Great Race 86% to 14%

Other general observations: Cary Grant, Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, National Lampoon, and Will Ferrell & company movies are all out of the running now. There’s still one Monty Python movie and THREE Mel Brooks movies remaining. Leslie Nielsen still has Airplane! going strong. Also, all the oldest movies are out. The oldest now is Singin’ in the Rain (1952). And most of the musicals are still in. Interesting!

Vote now in Round Four! The deadline is Thursday evening, June 4.

Click the image to view the results from the first three rounds or use Download to get the PDF