Favorite Gemstones – Round Three

Some expected results and some surprises in our second round. The biggest surprise is Diamond losing to Opal by a healthy margin. Diamond didn’t even make it to the Sparkly Sixteen. (see what I did there?)

The closest matchups were:

  • Rhodonite over Alexandrite by 1 vote
  • Chalcedony over Ametrine by 2 votes
  • Aquamarine over Onyx by 3 votes
  • Sunstone over Smoky Quartz by 5 votes

The biggest wins were:

  • Sapphire over Benitoite 92% to 8%
  • Malachite over Moldavite 85% to 15%
  • Jade over Peridot 80% to 20%

Vote now in the Sweet Sixteen round! The deadline is Tuesday evening, August 4.

Click to view the results from the first two rounds or use the Download link to get the PDF