Favorite Hitchcock Movies – Round One

Since we whipped through the Favorite National Parks so quickly, I decided to launch a bonus bracket as a thank-you holiday gift to everyone who helps vote in all of these brackets. For the next two weeks we’ll be voting on our Favorite Hitchcock Movies. It’s a smaller bracket, only 32 entries, and we will be running THREE ROUNDS PER WEEK like we did with the National Parks. Here is the schedule.

Monday 16 Dec – Round One begins
Wednesday 18 Dec – Sweet Sixteen begins
Friday 20 Dec – Elite Eight begins
Monday 23 Dec – Final Four begins
Wednesday 25 Dec – Championship Round begins
Friday 27 Dec – Winner is announced

The divisions are roughly based on the genre of movie and rankings within each division are based on IMDb ratings. Yes, “Thriller” could be most of his movies. That’s sort of the catch-all after the other three divisions were filled.

  • Mystery
  • Crime
  • Film-Noir
  • Thriller

Vote now in the First Round! The deadline is Tuesday night, December 17.

Click to view the brackets or use Download to get the PDF