Favorite Holiday Traditions – Round Two

Round One is done and matchups become more similar in Round Two.

There were only a couple close votes in the first round:

  • Donate for needy children beat Work on holiday-themed jigsaw puzzle by 4 votes
  • Have a bonfire beat Volunteer in community by 8 votes
  • Perform music in a holiday concert beat Watch a Christmas parade by 9 votes
  • Eat foods from your tradition beat Bake pies/pastries by 9 votes

The biggest winners were hardly a surprise:

  • Decorate a tree
  • Decorate inside your home
  • Watch favorite holiday movies
  • Have a family game night
  • Feast

Vote now in Round Two!

The deadline is Thursday evening, December 8.

Click to view the results from Round 1 or use the PDF below