Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – Round Two

Round One is over. Below is some discussion followed by the brackets so you can see the results.

If you just want to vote in the second round, here you go.

One surprise: Salted Caramel beat Vanilla, 60% to 40%. Everything I read online said Vanilla is one of the favorites, but it lagged behind Salted Caramel from the beginning.

Some of the closer votes were Cherry Vanilla over Pumpkin Cheesecake, 54% to 46%; Jamocha over Peppermint Stick, 57% to 43%; and Chocolate Chunk over Pralines & Cream, 58% to 42%.

The biggest margins of victory were:

  • Chocolate over Black Licorice, 94% to 6%
  • Cookies & Cream over Peppermint Patty, 87% to 13%
  • Vanilla Bean over Lemon, 87% to 13%
  • French Vanilla over Cotton Candy, 87% to 13%
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2 thoughts on “Favorite Ice Cream Flavor – Round Two

  1. Vanilla is the top seller because of how much it’s used as a base, not because people like it by itself. Most chocolate milk shakes are made with vanilla and chocolate sauce, not chocolate ice cream, because vanilla blends faster and smoother.

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