Favorite Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Songs – Round One

We just have time to squeeze another bracket in before Christmas. Let’s do favorite Mannheim Steamroller songs/tracks. I’ll often call them tracks since most are instrumental and not trying to sound like a vocal piece, so technically not songs.

Mannheim Steamroller rose to popularity in the 1984 with their first Christmas album. Despite their Fresh Aire series and a few other albums, the Christmas albums seem to be the most popular. This group is still touring today, doing live Christmas shows.

I used all their studio albums that were Christmas-themed and added a few songs from the Renaissance Holiday CD to fill out the bracket of 64. Then I found two different listings of streaming counts – one from Spotify and one more comprehensive – and seeded them in the bracket according to their streaming popularity.

Every listing in the Google Form has a link to a YouTube video so you can hear the audio. The links open in a new tab. Do try to give them all at least a little listen. If they’re new to you, they’re worth your time. If you know them pretty well, then just 10-15 seconds will give you a refresher.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Tuesday evening, December 14.

Click to view the original bracket or get the PDF below