Favorite Monty Python Sketches – Round Three

We’ve reached the Sweet Sixteen and now it starts to get tougher. All the famous sketches are facing off.
Vote now in the Sweet Sixteen round. The deadline is Sunday night, May 3.

In the second round, we had two UNANIMOUS wins!

  • Dead Parrot Sketch (beating Exploding Penguin)
  • Spam (beating Buying a Bed)
    Also two almost-unanimous wins:
  • Argument Clinic (beating It’s the Arts: Edward Ross)
  • Ministry of Silly Walks (beating Johann Gambolputty)

There were also a few almost-ties:

  • Self Defense Against Fresh Fruit beat Killer Joke by 1 vote
  • Silly Job Interview beat Fish Slapping Dance by 1 vote
  • Arthur “Two-Sheds” Jackson beat Kilimanjaro Expedition by 1 vote
  • Blackmail beat Travel Agent by 1 vote
Click the image to view the brackets so far or use Download to get the PDF