Favorite MST3K Shorts – FINAL RESULTS

Mystery Science Theater 3000 frequently has had a short film before the feature film they riff on, when the main film was not long enough. For more information, visit my MST3K page.

This bracket for voting on our favorite shorts was run in a Facebook group rather than on this site, but I wanted to archive the results so this post contains the final tally. Here are the Top 10 results based on our voting, followed by the actual completed bracket.

  1. Mr. B Natural
  2. A Case of Spring Fever
  3. Last Clear Chance
  4. The Chicken of Tomorrow
  5. What to Do on a Date
  6. Hired! Part 1
  7. Once Upon a Honeymoon
  8. A Date with Your Family
  9. Are You Ready for Marriage?
  10. Keeping Clean and Neat
Click to view all the results, or use the link below to get the PDF