Favorite National Parks – Round One

In December we are voting on our Favorite National Parks! There are 61 National Parks in the United States and we have 64 slots in our brackets, so I’ve added the Statue of Liberty and Devil’s Tower (national monuments) and Appalachian National Scenic Trail (which runs through 14 states).

If you’re not familiar with a particular national park, I encourage you to Google it before voting. Who knows? You just might learn something! 🙂

IMPORTANT: The time for each round is SHORTER this time! We have quite a few college students who participate in our monthly voting brackets, and we want to make sure this bracket ends before they finish Final Exams and go home for Winter Break. So for the National Parks brackets, we are starting a new round EVERY MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND FRIDAY! That’s three rounds per week instead of two.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is TUESDAY, December 3.

Click the image to see the full Initial Brackets, or use the Download button below to get the PDF.