Favorite One-Hit Wonders – Round One

One-Hit Wonders are bands that gained mainstream popularity, often for only one piece of work, and became known among the general public solely for that momentary success.

I found 30 different ranked lists online of “best one-hit wonders of all time,” and pulled them all into Excel and merged them all to get a composite list that is available here: https://www.listobsession.com/best-one-hit-wonders/ It is this list that I used to seed the bracket. I tried to tweak the rankings so the most popular songs aren’t matched up too early, but with everyone’s diverse tastes, it’s not really possible.

The links are to YouTube recordings of the songs, original versions as much as possible.

Remember, if you’re on your phone, tapping a link will take you out of the Google Form and you’ll have to start over with the voting. So do your listening first, and then vote. If you’re on a computer, you’re fine either way.

Vote now in Round One!

The deadline is Sunday evening, July 7.

Click to view the original bracket or use the PDF below