Favorite Pirates – FINAL RESULTS

The winner of Favorite Pirate is: Blackbeard!

Blackbeard beat the Dread Pirate Roberts by only 2 votes!

Thanks to everyone who voted. The top favorite pirates based on your votes are listed below, followed by the complete bracket.

  1. Blackbeard
  2. The Dread Pirate Roberts
  3. Captain Jack Sparrow
  4. Mary Read
  5. Grace O’Malley
  6. “Calico” Jack Rackham
  7. Long John Silver
  8. Hector Barbossa
  9. Captain Hook
  10. Bart Roberts
  11. Charlotte de Berry
  12. The Muppet Pirates
  13. Elizabeth Swann
  14. Anne Bonny
  15. Rachel Wall
  16. Captain Nemo
  17. Jean Lafitte
  18. Captain William Kidd
  19. Captain Flint
  20. Henry Morgan
Click to view all the voting results or use the PDF below