Favorite Sandwiches – Round One

Our next topic: Favorite Sandwiches

Obviously we can’t include every variation of every sandwich. I’ve tried to include as many standards as possible. We had a long discussion in our Facebook Group and here is what I’ve arrived at:

We will use as a definition: something between two slices of bread or leavened bread-like substance, whether separate, hinged, or connected, but functioning as two pieces. One thick piece of bread, such as a baguette or sub bun or roll or hot dog bun, sliced partway or all the way through, WILL count, as will a piece of flatbread folded in half. Tacos, wraps, and anything that is sealed (like a calzone or spring roll) will not be included. Open-face sandwiches also will not be included in these brackets, but if you prefer any of these sandwiches open face, that’s how you should picture them when you vote.

As with every food-related voting bracket, assume each sandwich is made the way you like it best. If there are particular ingredients you want or don’t want, or you like the bread toasted or not toasted, assume that it was made like that.

Feel free to Google the sandwich name if you don’t know what it is.

And as always, ONE BALLOT PER PERSON PER ROUND, please.

Round One: Monday June 29 – Tuesday June 30
Round Two: Wednesday July 1 – Thursday July 2
Sweet Sixteen: Friday July 3 – Sunday July 5
Elite Eight: Monday July 6 – Tuesday July 7
Final Four: Wednesday July 8 – Thursday July 9
Championship Round: Friday July 10 – Sunday July 12

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Tuesday evening, June 30.

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