Favorite Scents – Round One

This one will probably be very difficult right from the outset. It’s very personal and rather random.

We all have our favorite scents. Maybe the smell triggers some pleasant memories or maybe it’s a chemical thing. But, regardless, we all have things that we love the smell of. (Yes, I ended that sentence with a preposition.)

Given the random nature of these odors, I tried to evenly spread out similar scents, and then randomized each division.

Since the sense of smell is such a personal thing, this bracket could end up being a very difficult or exasperating topic. I’m sure everyone will have some tough choices, even in the first round. It might be hard to choose in general, but with our bracket, you only have to choose between two at a time, so hopefully that helps a little.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Tuesday evening, October 12.

Click to view the original bracket or use the PDF below.