Favorite Soups & Stews – Final Round

We’re down to the last two. All these fantastic soups and stews have deliberated upon and voted on.

Chicken Noodle beat French Onion 55% to 45%, so that one was pretty close. Chili won by a larger margin, as it has done throughout the entire brackets.

Before you say “Chili’s not a soup,” technically, you’re right, chili is not a soup. Soup usually has a broth or stock base and chili generally doesn’t but we had a few others in the contest that were technically more of a stew than a soup, but they were important enough to keep in the running. Jambalaya, Bouillabaisse, and maybe even Pozole are more stewlike. But everyone apparently loves chili, and now it’s in the finals.

Vote now in the Championship Round. The deadline for voting is Thursday night, November 21.

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