Favorite Sports Mascots – Round Two

And we’re moving on to Round Two of Favorite Professional Sports Mascots! The majority of the winners from the first round won by 8 or 9 votes. Here are the closest matchups:

  • Sparky the Dragon over Mick E. Moose by 1 vote!
  • Sabretooth over Wild Wing by 1 vote!
  • Sourdough Sam over KC Wolf by 2 votes
  • Bernie the St. Bernard over Slapshot by 2 votes
  • Rocky the Mountain Lion over Jazz Bear by 3 votes
  • Mr. Met over Stomper by 3 votes
  • Chomps over Poe by 4 votes
  • Mariner Moose over Orbit by 4 votes

Vote now in Round Two!

The deadline is Tuesday evening, February 20.

Click to view the results from Round 1 or use the pdf below