Favorite Summer Movies – Round Two

Round One was fun and interesting, with a few surprises. The closest contests were:

  • SpaceCamp beating Meatballs by one vote
  • Field of Dreams beating The Sandlot by one vote
  • The Little Rascals beating Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead by one vote
  • The Notebook beating Summer School by three votes
  • One Crazy Summer beating Now and Then by three votes
  • What About Bob? beating A Goofy Movie by three votes

The biggest wins were:

  • Dirty Dancing over The Last Song, 94%-6%
  • The Parent Trap over It Takes Two, 87%-13%
  • Caddyshack over Dazed and Confused, 87%-13%
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation over The Way Way Back, 86%-14%

It’s interesting that when there was a gap of more than 10 years between the two movies, almost every time the OLDER one was chosen. There were only a few exceptions, including Mama Mia! beating American Graffiti, The Notebook beating Summer School, and Independence Day beating Jaws.

Vote now in Round Two! The deadline for voting is Thursday night, June 27.

To see the results, click the image or use the Download button to get the PDF