Favorite TV/Movie Uncles – Round Three

We’ve reached the Sweet Sixteen. Here are some observations from Round Two:

  • Both Jesses lost in Round Two. (Dukes of Hazzard and Full House)
  • Uncle Iroh and Harry Solomon TIED! But since Uncle Iroh was ranked higher and was in the lead all the way until they tied at the end, I gave him one vote.
  • The next closest was Uncle Phil beating Uncle Jesse (Full House) by 6 votes.
  • So far, the biggest consistent wins are from Bilbo and Uncle Fester. Then Uncle Jed and Robert from Everybody Loves Raymond.
  • Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck are still both in it, and if they win in the Sweet 16, they’ll face each other.
  • Silly me just realized I missed the opportunity for Uncle Scrooge from one of the Christmas Carol movies. Oh well.

Vote now in the Sweet Sixteen round! The deadline is Sunday evening, October 3.

Click to view the results from the first 2 rounds or use the PDF below