Favorite TV Themes – Round Four

We’re mostly in familiar territory now, where most people know all of the remaining theme songs. Most of these were solid winners in Round Three, but there were a few close ones:

  • Happy Days beat MASH by 1 vote
  • The Dick Van Dyke Show beat Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? by 2 votes
  • The Simpsons beat Doctor Who by 4 votes
  • Alfred Hitchcock Presents beat The Magic School Bus by 4 votes
  • The Brady Bunch beat Laverne & Shirley by 4 votes
  • WKRP in Cincinnati beat DuckTales by 4 votes
  • Mission: Impossible beat The Golden Girls by 5 votes
  • Reading Rainbow beat The Lone Ranger by 6 votes

Vote now in Round Four! The deadline is Sunday evening, May 30.

Click to view the results from the first 3 rounds or use the link below to get the PDF version.