Favorite TV Themes – Round One

Next we have a MEGABRACKET! 256 TV theme songs to vote on. Instead of 64 in the entire bracket, we have 64 in each division!

I found 16 lists of Best or Favorite TV Show Theme Songs of All Time on the internet and I averaged them in Excel to get an official list. Then I seeded the MEGAbracket mostly based on the rankings in this list and some requests from the Facebook group.

Remember, we’re voting on the song, not the show itself. If you don’t know the song, I’ve included a link for each one. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK TO HEAR IT.

This will take some time. Especially in the first couple rounds. Be prepared to spend the time and please click the links to hear the TV show themes.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Sunday evening, May 23.

If you’re having difficulties finishing the whole thing on your phone, I’ve broken this survey into two halves, and I’ll incorporate the results with the main survey.

Click the image to view the original bracket or use the link below to get the PDF version