Favorite Voting Topics – FINAL RESULTS

Our favorite voting topic is: Favorite Comfort Foods!

We have been voting on these topics for three and a half years. 64 different topics. Based on the results of this bracket, here are the topics that you all enjoyed the most:

  1. Comfort Foods
  2. Christmas Movies
  3. Dog Breeds
  4. Childhood Cartoon Shows
  5. Christmas Songs
  6. Scents
  7. Halloween Candy
  8. Ice Cream Flavors
  9. Flowers
  10. Disney Animated Movies
  11. Classic Children’s Books
  12. Sandwiches
  13. Foods of the World
  14. Birds
  15. Fair Foods
  16. Cocktails
  17. Looney Tunes Characters
  18. Movie Franchises
  19. Soups/Stews
  20. Broadway Musicals
Click to view all the voting results or use the PDF below