Favorite Weird Al Songs – Round Four

We’re down to the top 16 favorites. While we’ve all lost some of our personal favorites, I think this Sweet Sixteen round is a good representation of Weird Al’s best work. There were several very close contests:

  • One More Minute beat It’s All About the Pentiums by 1 vote!
  • Living with a Hernia beat You Don’t Love Me Anymore by 1 vote!
  • Party in the CIA beat Bohemia Polka by 2 votes
  • I Love Rocky Road beat My Bologna by 2 votes
  • Addicted to Spuds beat I Want a New Duck by 3 votes

The biggest winners are still: Amish Paradise, White & Nerdy, Yoda, and Another One Rides the Bus.

Vote now in the Sweet Sixteen round! The deadline is Sunday evening, January 24.

Click to view the results from the first three rounds, or use the link below to get the PDF