Which is Worse? Round Two

Round One is over of our April voting brackets. There were some interesting results.

Finding a hair in your food had the largest victory margin. It beat Loud bass from passing cars 93% to 7%. Close behind was Being blamed for something you didn’t do, which beat Not responding to RSVPs 92% to 8%. Running out of toilet paper in a public restroom was next with 86% to 14% from The movie version being too different from the book.

Matchups that were very close show that, on average, voters thought the choices were equally bad. The closest was Snoring beating Excessive PDA by just one vote. Right behind them was Sticky floor in a movie theater beating Saggy pants 52% to 48%. With same margin was Listening to someone learn to play the oboe, which beat Waiting at a red light with no cross traffic.

Vote in Round Two!

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