Favorite Birds – Quarterfinals

We’re down to the top two birds in each category, and instead of choosing between similar birds, they’re becoming increasingly different.

Some of the Sweet Sixteen contests were pretty close, like:

  • Bald Eagle beating Snowy Owl by 2 votes, and
  • Common Loon beating Mute Swan by 5 votes

But a couple other birds continued their dominance.

  • Great Blue Heron beat Belted Kingfisher 83% to 17%, and
  • Northern Cardinal beat American Goldfinch 79% to 21%

We’ve got some SHOWDOWNS in this Elite Eight round! All eight have been favorites throughout the contest, so these results should be very interesting.

Vote now in the Elite Eight round! The deadline is Sunday night, April 19.

Click to view the results through the Sweet 16, or use Download to get the PDF