Favorite Birds – Round Four

We’ve reach the Sweet Sixteen round! We’re starting to see popular birds losing now, as we’re forced to choose between fewer birds. A couple of the contests were really close:

  • Northern Cardinal beat Ruby-Throated Hummingbird by 1 vote
  • American Robin beat Barn Swallow by 2 votes

The biggest wins were:

  • Wood Duck over Hooded Merganser 90% to 10%
  • Common Loon over Herring Gull 83% to 17%
  • Even the Mallard and Bald Eagle, which have won handily every round so far, are winning by fewer votes now (71% & 78% respectively).

Vote now in the Sweet Sixteen round! The deadline is Wednesday night, April 15.

Click to view the results so far or use Download to get the PDF