Favorite Cheeses – Round Four

It’s the Sweet Sixteen! Every remaining cheese is a contender! And the matchups get tougher.

Most of the results from Round Three were roughly two-to-one. There were only a couple close ones:

  • Jarlsberg beat Feta by 2 votes
  • Cream Cheese beat Fontina by 8 votes

The biggest wins were:

  • Provolone over Farmer Cheese 91% to 9%
  • Mozzarella over Idiazábal 88% to 12%
  • Gouda over Butterkäse 84% to 16%
  • Gruyere over Port-Salut 83% to 17%
  • Colby over Kugelkäse 82% to 18%

Vote now in the Sweet Sixteen round! The deadline is Thursday evening, August 20.

Click to view the results from the first three rounds, or use the Download button to get the PDF version.