Favorite Cheeses – Round Three

We’re definitely getting some interesting results. We had a couple come-from-behind close contests in Round Two and from now on, most of the choices are pretty well known and the voting gets harder. Almost all the veined cheeses are gone. Same with the fresh cheeses.

Some very close contests:

  • Havarti beat Fresh Mozzarella by 2 votes
  • Stilton beat Dauphin by 3 votes
  • Kugelk√§se beat Sage Derby by 4 votes
  • Saint-Paulin beat Gorgonzola by 4 votes

There were also a few huge winners:

  • Hushallsost beat Livarot 92% to 8%
  • Parmigiano Reggiano beat Banon 92% to 8%
  • Gruyere beat Cheshire 91% to 9%
  • Asiago beat Tilsit 86% to 14%
  • Mozzarella beat Red Leicester 85% to 15%
  • Gouda beat Double Gloucester 85% to 15%

Vote now in Round Three! The deadline is Tuesday evening, August 18.

Click the image to view the results from the first 2 rounds, or use the Download button to get the PDF version