Favorite Cheeses – Round One

Our next topic for voting is our Favorite Cheeses. This is a DOUBLE bracket, with 128 different cheeses to start out. Each one has a link next to the name, so if you’re not familiar with that cheese, you can click it and find out more. It’s no replacement for experiencing the cheeses with all your senses, but at least you’ll be smarter. You can also skip any that you want to skip.

There are 32 Soft, 32 Semi-Soft, 32 Semi-Hard, and 32 Hard cheeses. After determining those, I did a full randomization of the 128 cheeses and created the brackets from the randomized list. We still have four divisions for the brackets, but they are random and not organized by cheese type.

Since this is a double bracket and you may need to look up some of the cheeses, it may take more time than usual in the first couple rounds.

As always, one ballot per person, please.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline for voting is Thursday evening, August 13.

Click to view the initial brackets or use the Download button to get the PDF version