Favorite Crayola Crayon Color – Round Three

Two rounds down and we have 16 colors remaining. And the trend continues, where almost every contest was won by the color that was brighter or deeper. Sometimes it’s close and hard to tell, but for the most part the color with the greater saturation or brightness is the one people liked best.

Closest contests:

  • Olive Green beat Yellow Green by one vote
  • Cornflower Blue beat Turquoise Blue by three votes
  • Pine Green beat Green by five votes

Largest wins:

  • Brick Red beat Indian Red 80%-20%
  • Blue beat Cadet Blue 71%-29%
  • Goldenrod beat Yellow 69%-31%
  • Black beat Raw Sienna 69%-31%

I’m a little surprised that Black is doing so well. It beat Raw Umber with 74% of the vote, then Raw Sienna with 69%. Maybe it’s the “raw” thing. 🙂 Or maybe it’s just that it has a high saturation and depth of color, which follows the trend I mentioned before. It will be interesting to see how it does against Red Orange in the Sweet Sixteen round. VOTE NOW!

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