Favorite Crayola Crayon Colors – Round Two

Round One had some interesting results. Here are some observations.

Several of the choices were very close; a couple came down to JUST ONE VOTE:

  • Red Orange beat Burnt Orange, 37-36
  • Green beat Sea Green, 37-36
  • Maroon beat Red, 38-35
  • Goldenrod beat Maize, 38-35
  • Cornflower Blue beat Aquamarine, 39-34

The biggest winners had over 80% of the vote:

  • Cadet Blue beat Blue Gray, 61-12 (84%)
  • Midnight Blue beat Navy Blue, 60-13 (82%)
  • Violet beat Gray, 60-13 (82%)
  • Peach beat Apricot, 60-13 (82%)

A few other things to note. All the metals lost except for Silver (which was up against White). Maybe the absence of sparkly bits made those colors less appealing. Also, it seems that in the majority of the contests, the color that was darker or more saturated is the one people liked best. Not always, but way more than half of the time. It will be interesting to see if this trend persists now that the colors are a little bit more different from each other.

Vote now in Round Two. The deadline is Thursday night, June 6.

Click the image to see all the scores from Round One, or use Download to get the PDF