Favorite Foods of the World – Round One

Welcome to the first round of our Favorite Foods of the World MEGAbracket! We have 256 dishes from around the world, separated into four divisions of 64 each. (Typical brackets have 64 total, with 16 in each division.)

These dishes were taken from various websites listing “Best Dishes from Around the World” and then expanded using dishes that were recommended by members of our Facebook group. Since there was no good way to organize or sort them, they have been fully randomized and placed into the bracket with only slight tweaking to make sure that very popular or well-known dishes don’t meet up too early and that Round One doesn’t have any matchups from the same country.

Be prepared. This first round will take a while. Make sure you have time to complete it in one sitting so it doesn’t time out on you.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline for voting is Tuesday evening, February 2.

Click to view the original bracket or use the Download link below to get the PDF