Favorite Funny Movies – Round One

Welcome to our first MEGABRACKET!! 64 choices in each division, for 256 total. The first couple rounds will be long and take a while, so be prepared for that.

For most of June we will be voting on our favorite funny movies. The movies have been chosen from many lists of “Funniest Movies” that I have culled from the internet and averaged in a spreadsheet to try to focus on movies generally accepted as funniest, whether or not I personally agree.

The category is funny movies. What you’re voting on is which movies you like best, regardless of whether you think they’re the funniest. They can be your favorites for any reason.

The images used are the “default” movie posters from IMDb and the entries in each division have been ranked based on their IMDb ratings.

Despite the size of these brackets, we will continue starting new rounds every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Vote now in Round One! The deadline is Thursday night, May 28.

Because of the size of these brackets, you may need to use the PDF version and zoom in to read them well, but I’ll still try to provide both an image and a PDF.

Click to view the original brackets or use Download to get the PDF

2 thoughts on “Favorite Funny Movies – Round One

  1. After Funny Movies, can you do a bracket for Coolest Ocean Animal?

    1. Ocean Animals is a great idea! Whether coolest or favorite or whatever. I’ll add it to my list. I plan on running a poll next week to see what topics people are most interested in right now. If you are on Facebook and you would like to, I invite you to join the Facebook group that I just created this morning. We’ll have the poll on there, as well as discussions. https://www.facebook.com/groups/votingbrackets

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