Favorite Funny Movies – Round Two

Talk about a marathon! Already some tough choices and some get tougher in this round. Big winners in the first round were: Mel Brooks, Monty Python, Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, Bill Murray, and National Lampoon. Some big losers were Rowan Atkinson, Gene Wilder, Woody Allen, and foreign films, with Cary Grant, Jim Carrey, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler getting about half and half.

It was an interesting dynamic since many people skipped questions when they didn’t know either of the movies, resulting in some questions only getting 2/3 of the possible total of votes.

Some of the contests were very close. Here are some of the closest:

  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin beat Wedding Crashers by 1 vote
  • The Mask beat There’s Something About Mary by 1 vote
  • O Brother Where Art Thou? beat Legally Blonde by 1 vote
  • Rat Race beat Clerks by 1 vote
  • Big Trouble in Little China beat Fast Times at Ridgemont High by 1 vote
  • Billy Liar beat Kind Hearts and Coronets by 1 vote
  • Bringing Up Baby beat Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein by 1 vote
  • Bad Grandpa beat Four Lions by 2 votes
  • Best in Show beat Home Alone 2 by 2 votes
  • What About Bob? beat American Pie by 2 votes
  • Moon Over Parador beat Annie Hall by 2 votes
  • Some Like it Hot beat The Aristocats by 2 votes
  • My Cousin Vinny beat Austin Powers 2 by 3 votes
  • Grown Ups beat Once Upon a Time in Hollywood by 4 votes

There were also some TOTAL landslides!

  • Young Frankenstein beat The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek 100%!! to 0% with 72 votes
  • Singin’ in the Rain beat Carry On Up the Kyhber 99% to 1%
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure beat Withnail & I 98% to 2%
  • Blazing Saddles beat Love and Death 97% to 3%
  • Monty Python and the Holy Grail beat Bedazzled 97% to 3%
  • Back to the Future beat The Man with Two Brains 96% to 4%
  • Caddyshack beat Broadcast News 94% to 6%
  • Groundhog Day beat The Cable Guy 93% to 7%
  • MASH beat Playtime 93% to 7%
  • The Princess Bride beat Weekend at Bernie’s 91% to 9%
  • Inside Out beat MacGruber 89% to 11%
  • Clueless beat Swingers 89% to 11%
  • A Shot in the Dark beat The Phantom of Liberty 88% to 12%
  • Deadpool beat White Chicks 87% to 13%
  • Robin Hood: Men in Tights beat Waiting for Guffman 87% to 13%
  • Clue beat Raising Arizona 87% to 13%
  • Big beat Moonstruck 87% to 13%
  • National Lampoon’s Vacation beat Diner 87% to 13%
  • The Pink Panther beat Sherlock Jr. 87% to 13%

Vote now in Round Two! The deadline is Sunday night, May 31.

Click to view the results from Round One or use the Download link to get the PDF