Favorite Movie Monsters – Eerie Eight

We’re down to the top two favorites in each category. I was a bit surprised at the results in the Fantasy round. I expected the Balrog or Alien (Xenomorph) to make it this far, but they’re both out. And Sweetums is doing surprisingly well, having beaten the Skeksis, the Xenomorph, and Gozer the Destructor to make it to the Eerie Eight.

There were a couple close contests:

  • Norman Bates beat Lord Voldemort by 3 votes
  • Sully beat the Balrog by 4 votes

The Old School division is where the biggest margins of victory happened, and it was a bad day for the Frankenstein Family:

  • Dracula beat Frankenstein’s Monster 68% to 32%
  • Godzilla beat Young Frankenstein 66.6% to 33.3%

Vote now in the EERIE EIGHT round! The deadline is the evening of Monday, October 14.

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