Favorite Movie Monsters – Scary Sixteen

We’ve reached the Sweet Scary Sixteen Round!

The closest contests in Round Two were:

  • Norman Bates over Beetlejuice by 4 votes
  • Jaws over Gremlins by 5 votes
  • Cujo over The Basilisk by 5 votes
  • Gozer the Destructor over The Sarlacc by 6 votes

The biggest margins of victory were:

  • Dracula over Killer Tomatoes – 83% to 17%
  • Frankenstein’s Monster over Nosferatu – 77% to 23%
  • T-Rex over Graboids – 75% to 25%

Vote now in the Scary Sixteen round! The deadline is Thursday night, October 10.

To view Round Two’s results, click the image or use Download to get the PDF