Favorite Movie Monsters – Round Two

Round One is over. Not too many surprises. The closest contests were:

  • Gozer the Destructor beat Audrey II by ONE VOTE!
  • Pale Man beat Chuck by two votes
  • Pennywise beat Jack Torrance by 3 votes
  • Killer Tomatoes beat The Thing by 3 votes (also the biggest upset — The Thing was #1 in the division, Killer Tomatoes #16)
  • Lord Voldemort beat Davy Jones by 7 votes
  • Mothra beat the Giant Ants by 8 votes

The biggest margins of were:

  • Hannibal Lecter over The Creeper, 88% to 12%
  • Jaws beat Anaconda, 86% to 14%
  • Gremlins beat The Kraken, 82% to 18%
  • Sully beat The Babadook, 82% to 18%
  • T-Rex beat the Giant Rabbits, 81% to 19%
  • The Birds beat The Crocodile, 80% to 20%

Vote in Round Two now! The deadline is Monday night, October 7.

Click on the image to view the brackets or use Download to get the PDF