Favorite Musical Instruments – Round One

Our next topic is Favorite Musical Instruments.

After discussions in our Facebook group, I decided to make this bracket focused on instruments used in Western orchestras and symphonic bands. Some are unusual or rare, but do occasionally show up in an orchestral piece. We’ll do another bracket later for voting on favorite folk or world instruments. They deserve their own category.

The number of instruments in each category didn’t lend itself to separating types into divisions, so seeding in this bracket was mostly random after separating some of the more popular instruments into separate brackets so they don’t face off too early. I know there isn’t every variation of every instrument but I tried to cover them all as well as I could. And I included links to YouTube videos of each instrument being played, so you can see and hear them all.

Vote now in Round One!

The deadline is Sunday evening, January 30.

Click to view the original empty bracket or use the PDF below